Why Do I Need a Vault Door?

Custom Steampunk Magnum Vault Door

Importance of Vault Doors

Almost everyone was told the story of the three little pigs as a child.

It is the introduction to the fact that some people are not good and only want to do harm, and you need to be prepared for these people.

SS Door Concealed Vault Room

In general, people have a few concerns that have to be addressed before they can feel secure. Food, water, and shelter are the three big ones that need to be secured before people can feel at peace. As we have advanced, we have established abundance of food and water and we have been able to develop much better forms of shelter.

There have always been two groups of people, the makers and the takers. Makers are people who work hard for what they have and respect another people’s property. The takers are people who do not respect property rights and only want to advance themselves.

In the old days, kings were the only ones with any real wealth worth protecting, but now anyone can accumulate wealth. These days, we can all have our own metaphorical castle walls, and better yet, our walls can be hidden so the takers don’t have an indicator that there is anything to steal. Many of us have accumulated wealth or valuable assets that others envy and want for themselves. A vault room is one of the best ways for a person to virtually guarantee that their property cannot be taken by anyone. Thick concrete walls paired with a steel vault door created based on your requirements are what I recommend if you need to keep your most valuable property just that: your property.

Vault doors and vault rooms are a great advancement in the area of shelter. For a reasonable price anyone can create a shelter of last resort for their loved ones or their own personal bank vault for whatever you need to keep away from the hands of the takers. Even if you live in a safe area with a relatively low crime rate, a vault room can provide that extra peace of mind. Vault rooms can be regulated for humidity and temperature easily to preserve your antiques or other degradable items in good condition.

Perhaps you already have a safe or multiple safes, but want to consolidate your property into one ultra secure place then a vault room with one of my vault doors could be a great option for you. The economy is relatively good right now, but the next crash could be right around the corner. This could cause a run on the banks and you may not be able to get your money out of the bank quickly. It is a good idea to hedge against that risk by having items of intrinsic value such as cash, gold, guns, food, and /or water hidden on your property at the ready to trade with and sustain your loved ones.

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