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Thank you for taking the time to view the Smith Security Safes website. At Smith Security Safes, we take pride in our USA made safes and vault doors. Since 1982 and have the experience to help you design your custom vault room and install your custom vault door in your home, in addition to the several standard sizes available.

We want your experience of purchasing a safe or vault door with us to be as effortless as possible. We cater to both residential and commercial safe and vault door customers.

At Smith Security Safes we are available to answer your questions five days a week. With so many installation and state specific building code variables it is impossible to answer questions thoroughly in copy, please call and we can quickly answer your questions over the phone.
1. Common Questions:
Call for hassle free answers! We love to talk about vault rooms! 800-521-0335
  • How thick should the wall to your vault room be?
  • Is it ok to use concrete block over poured concrete walls ?
  • How to use stainless steel to stop cutting torches ?
  • Air ducts, yes or no?
  • Moisture problems and what to expect?
  • Why you should use a cutting wheel relocker?

2. Design / Architectural Questions:
Call for hassle free answers! Doug ,the owner, will answer the phone! 800-521-0335
  • What do I need to know to design a vault room ?
  • What size room will work best ?
  • How to create a concrete ceiling ?
  • How do I create a secure wood framed wall on a budget?
  • How to create a room beneath a porch or patio ?
  • Why two pieces of steel with plywood in between is better than one piece of thick steel?
  • Should I go with an in swing door ?

3. Installation Questions:
Call for hassle free answers! No sales pressure, we promise! 800-521-0335
  • We can install a door nationwide.
Please feel free to call with any additional questions that may arise. We want you to feel comfortable making your purchase with us. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise to make you a gun safe or vault door that provides the security you need and that you will be proud to show.