About Us

Largest Vault Door Manufacturer in the USA

Sometimes the world pushes you into action. In 1982, our founder built his first safe when his daughter was born. From there, Doug Smith turned his hobby into a business.

Many things have changed in the 40+ years since Doug made that first safe. The world has gotten more chaotic. Time seems to be going faster, and the future is even less predictable.

But what hasn't changed is the need for security in a chaotic world.

You might think we sell steel. You might think we sell locks. You might think we sell safes and vault doors.

But we really sell the most valuable thing of all...

Peace of mind

Really. It's simple. Security is not just security. Safes and vault doors protect your jewelry, guns, and family. The most valuable and important things we have on this earth.

But that nagging thought in the back of your mind - the one that keeps you a little on edge during a vacation - the one that rolls around in your head as you lay awake in bed...

That's what we help fix.

We want you to enjoy your vacation - to sleep sound knowing you're ready for the world - at it's best and at it's worst.

That's our job. We make it easy to find peace of mind. -

What does it take? One call

- lets talk peace of mind -