About Us

Largest Vault Door Manufacturer in the USA

Opening a shop is easy, but keeping it open is an art. Making it thrive takes passion. I built my first safe in 1982 when my daughter was born, so that I would have a secure place for my guns. From there, my hobby turned into a business. I love a challenge, and I love what I do. When I started this business 30 years ago, I did so out of my passion for protection. I did not think about the fun I would have with the people I met, many of whom have become some of my best friends.

I strive to make sure every one of my customers is happy with my product, following up with them long after the sale is completed.

I am here to assist you, to build you a quality product, and to offer you excellent service. After 30 years, it is hard to imagine a kind of job I have not done, so if you find yourself with a custom job that seems problematic, challenge me!

There is not a job I cannot do. I can even make exterior doors without exposed locks or handles. I have an unmatched fervor for the business and for my customers. The challenges that I have overcome and the achievements I have made have given me the confidence to build the best vault doors sold on the market today.

Thank you for visiting my website! Please contact me, Doug Smith, when thinking about buying a vault door or gun safe.