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Smith Security Safes: Your Gateway to Indisputable Security

Since 1982, Smith Security Safes has been proudly making top-notch vault doors and safe room doors in the USA. Our doors are not just about locks and steel; they are about trust, quality, and peace of mind.

We value our residential and commercial customers alike and aim to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. Choosing and installing a vault door or safe door can be daunting, but we make it easy. Whether you pick a custom design or a standard size, our team is here to help you every step of the way. From helping you choose the right door, like our Titan Vault Door, to ensuring a smooth installation in your home or business, we make the process hassle-free.

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GSA Approved Grey Steel Open Vault Door next to a closed vault door.


GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Doors are designed to protect against unauthorized access with a suite of advanced features. These doors are engineered with an interlocking door and frame design that incorporates three active locking bolts and three passive hinge studs for enhanced security. This robust construction ensures that each door forms an impenetrable barrier against potential breaches.

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A Steam Punk Safe door next to an open Steam Punk Safe showing the inside.

Any Safe in Steampunk Finish

Exciting Updates for 2024: A Sneak Peek into our Transformations

We have made some immense changes to the security products we manufacture and stock for 2024 and we wanted to share some of those changes so you know what is going on.

First, we now have a complete line of GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) approved products to service anyone needing GSA approved vault doors and storage devices. These products include the Class V vault doors and several other GSA approved safe storage products.

We have also completely redesigned our safes with a new look both outside and in. You can now get any of our safes in the Steampunk Finish as shown and we have also completely redesigned the interiors to work with the rifle rod system (see below).

We are always working to improve and make our products and product lines better and we plan to roll out some other major changes during 2024 to make Smith Security Safes your one stop shop for security solutions from full vault rooms to the best in safes and safe storage.

Smith Security Safes Distributor of Rifle Rod Systems by Gun Storage Solutions

The rifle rod system is the easiest way to store guns and it will also maximize how many guns you can get in your safe. We partnered with Gun Storage Solutions to make this happen and we also carry all of their safe storage products so feel free to add any of the products they carry to your safe when ordering or order them from us to outfit the safe you already have. Products available are shown on their website but will soon be in our shopping cart and you can buy now by calling us at 1-800-521-0335 or click here to contact us.

A blue gloss vault door with a Superman logo on the front.

Our featured vault door is one that honors superheroes. This door is our Extreme Vault Door which has a solid 1" steel plate that offers superhero-level security. It is painted a custom superhero high gloss blue. This door comes standard with a fire seal as all our doors do to help protect your vault from fire. This door weighs in at nearly 1600 lbs. and it is about as close as you are going to get to having your own superhero to protect what matters most to you.

While this door is really cool, the real superheroes are our veterans. Our veterans and their families paid the ultimate price to preserve the freedoms that we all have today in the USA. Smith Security Safes wants to thank all of our veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made to give us these freedoms.

All of our vault doors and safes are proudly made in the USA with materials sourced from the USA. Our products are crafted with precision and care to ensure the highest level of security and quality for our customers.

Please feel free to call us at 1-888-943-1528 or email us at and we will help design a superhero-level vault door or safe for you.

At Smith Security Safes we are available to answer your vault door and safe questions 5 days a week. Please give us a call and we can quickly answer your questions over the phone.

Our Vault Doors


GSA Class 5 Vault Door to our high security modular vaults in Class 1, 2, 3 or M, we provide high level security solutions for government, military and law enforcement.

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Ideal for a wood wall, tight space, or show door. This vault door is low cost and a great option for basic security.

From $3,950 - View Door Get a Quote

Great for concrete walls, this vault door weighs 200 lbs more than the Titan vault door with a 3/8" steel front plate.

From $5,250 - View Door Get a Quote

This is our best selling vault door. Designed for concrete walls this vault door has a 1/2" thick solid steel plate and has 300lbs more steel than the Heavy

From $5,750 - View Door Get a Quote

The Extreme vault door comes with a 1 inch thick steel door plate. That makes 4x stronger than the Magnum vault door with over 500lbs more steel

From $6,650 - View Door Get a Quote

With the 1" thick door plate of the Extreme, the Elite adds more plungers and all the security upgrades we offer, along with an expedited build time.

From $9,595 - View Door Get a Quote

Starting with a 1-1/4" stainless steel door plate and solid stainless steel frame. This door offers all of the security features of the Elite.

From $15,950 - View Door Get a Quote


A grey Installed Safe Door next to an image of the safe door opened to show a gun cabinet in a safe room.

"Last year I purchased a vault door from you. When the door arrived, it fit very well. The installation took less than two hours and has worked great since.

You have a great product and great service and support, thank you!"

- Derek S.

"I cannot say enough great things about my Magnum Extreme door by Smith Security Safes!

Before the purchase, Doug answered all my questions and there were many of them. The purchase and delivery was smooth and fast, especially for such a large and heavy item. The installation was exactly how described and the door quality exceeds expectations. The door is perfectly balanced! It can be moved with one finger even though it weighs 10x more than I do.

Doug has been great to work with before, during and after the purchase. I highly recommend Smith Security Safes and I will be a returning customer when I build my next vault."

- Chad C.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the heavy duty door. Your guys were great helping load it into my truck and the main thing…….QUALITY.

Quality construction, quality operation, quality appearance and quality personnel. It's refreshing to see it still exists. You're a blessed business man."

- Barney C.

"Just a quick note that my magnum vault door is installed and fits perfectly. Installation was super easy (considering it weighs 1000 lbs!) and everything works great. I appreciate your working with me to design this custom size door. I will gladly recommend Smith Security Safes to anyone looking for an affordable solid door or safe with great customer service."

- George

"I have been wanting to take the time to let you know how extremely happy we are with the vault door! We just love it! Thanks again for a GREAT door!"

- Connie S.

Individual & Commercial Vault Doors: Your Shield Against Uncertainties

Protecting your business assets is vital. Choose our sturdy and dependable vault doors at Smith Security Safes. With a proud tradition since 1982, we're dedicated to your security. For businesses that need maximum security, our Extreme and Elite Vault Doors offer unmatched protection. For offices mindful of budget and security, consider our Titan and Heavy Vault Doors. Our best-selling Magnum Vault Door is perfect for diverse businesses, providing strong defense at a reasonable price. Each door is crafted with care, ensuring your valuables are safe in American-made steel. Our safe vaults aren't just about security; they're a wise investment for a secure business setting.

Essential Security Features for Your Peace of Mind

At the heart of every secure home and building is a door that refuses to budge. Our vault doors come with foundational safety features ensuring that your valuables remain untouched. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Re-locker & UL Rated Lock: Think of this as a double-check for your door.If someone attempts to cut into your door, the re-locker jumps in, ensuring the door stays locked. Plus, our locks have a UL rating, meaning they've passed stringent security tests.
  • Inside Release & Panic Room: In the rare event you're inside when there's a threat outside, you can exit safely. And if you need to stay inside? Our doors transform into a secure panic room, keeping you safe till help arrives.
  • Hard Plates & Security Packages: Our doors are like armored knights. Optional hard plates shield the door's core, making it tough for intruders. Want even more armor? Choose our Pro or Premium packages for even greater protection.
  • AR500 Door Plate & Torch-Proof Layer: For those wanting the pinnacle of security, we offer upgrades like the AR500 – a super-strong steel plate used in ballistics protection. Or go for the torch-proof stainless-steel layer, making your door resilient against high-temperature break-in attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of vault doors you offer?

We offer a range of vault doors tailored to various needs:

  • Titan Vault Door: Ideal for tight spaces and wooden walls.
  • Heavy Vault Door: Perfect for concrete walls with a thick steel front plate.
  • Magnum Vault Door: Our best-seller designed for concrete walls.
  • Extreme Vault Door: Features a thicker steel plate for enhanced security.
  • Elite Vault Door: Incorporates all our security upgrades.
  • Stainless Steel Elite Vault Door: Combines top security features with a sleek stainless steel design.

2. Can I customize the design of my vault door?

Absolutely! From choosing finishes like steampunk or matching a specific paint color to adding custom logos or family names, we can tailor the look of your vault door. Check our Photo Gallery for inspiration.

3. What's the difference between the Pro and Premium security packages?

Both packages offer enhanced security features, but choosing the Premium package will provide you with two hard plate upgrades, ensuring an even tougher barrier against potential threats.

4. Are your vault doors made in the USA?

Yes, Smith Security Safes has been proudly manufacturing vault doors in the USA since 1982.

5. How do I decide the level of security I need?

Every individual and business has unique needs. We recommend starting with our Titan Vault Door for basic security and considering upgrades based on the valuables you're protecting, the location, and your budget. For maximum security, our Stainless Steel Elite Vault Door is an excellent choice. For a Free Consultation, please call us at: 800-521-0335

6. I have specific requirements not listed on your site. Can you help?

Of course! We specialize in custom orders. If you have specific requirements or design ideas, contact us, and we'll work with you to create the perfect vault door for your needs. Please call us at: 800-521-0335 for more information.

7. Do you offer installation services?

YES! Our vault doors are designed for easy installation, and we provide guidance on the process. If you need professional installation, let us know, and we can assist you further.