Find Which Vault Door Right for Me

Customization to Meet Your Needs

Ask yourself, how much security do I need to feel is adequate to protect my family and property?

Buying a vault door is an important life decision, and there are a few variables you should consider to make the right choice. The wrong choice may result in danger to your family or loss of valuable property.

There are many additional security options for each vault door. The options are listed on the web page associated with each door. These options are designed to keep even the savviest of criminals away from your loved ones and valued property.

I offer shipping worldwide on all vault doors, and we have a professional installer who can install anywhere in the continental USA.

All of my vault doors come with a limited lifetime warranty for all parts except for the handle, lock and paint.

All vault doors available as painted or unpainted. We offer many pin stripe designs and offer custom pin striping.

#1 Light Vault Door

The perfect vault door for turning a closet or any room into a safe room. The light weight makes it easy to install in residential homes.

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#2 Standard Vault Door

This door is a big step up from the light vault door offering more protection to your valuables. This door is low cost and a great option for someone looking for basic security.

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#3 Heavy Vault Door

Now we are starting to get into the best vault doors to use on a concrete room. This door weighs 200 lbs. more than the standard vault door with an extra 1/4" of steel on the front plate.

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#4 Heavy Vault Door With All The Extras

The Heavy Vault Door makes a second appearance on this list because of the multiple options available here. The out of site additions will stop a criminal with a cutting wheel or torch in their trucks.

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#5 Magnum Vault Door

This is the best selling vault door for a reason! This is 300 lbs. more than the standard vault, is much more resistant to fire, and is priced to sell!

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#6 Magnum Extreme Vault Door

This extreme door comes standard with a 1 inch thick steel door plate. Yes, you read that right. This door is bullet proof. The Oceans 11 team would see this door and just quit.

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#7 Magnum Extreme Vault Door with all the Extras

This door can be equipped with the honeycomb and thermal relocked to completely lock up the door if somehow a no-good criminal is able to cut their way through the extreme 1" steel door plating.

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#8 Magnum Extreme Deluxe Vault Door

Very few people on this planet could make their way into this vault door, and even if they could, it would take a long time and would be extremely loud. No one is getting through this door without getting caught.

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#9 Stainless Steel Deluxe Vault Door

This the the creme de le creme of vault room security. This door weighs 3000 lbs. and we're confident that it is simply the best door on the market.

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Bypass Lock Key, Full Inside Flange, Escape Hatch & more.

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Vault door with vintage steampunk finish 1

Steampunk & Other Custom Finishes

The Smith Security Safes version of a Steam Punk Industrial Vault Door is basically a nice face lift to any of our existing doors. The rivets on this door are not actually functional, they are just for looks, but they may also confuse criminals trying to gain entry and make off with your property. We will place aesthetic rivets in any design that you can imagine. We can have any logo, phrase, family name, or symbol printed on this door in whichever font you request. In the example you see below, we have our Smith’s Security Safes logo printed surrounded by rivets bordering the logo and perimeter in the door itself.

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