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Light Vault Door | Rough Opening: 70 3/4" x 35 1/4" (custom sizes available)

Our Light vault door is the perfect door for turning a closet or any room into a safe room. The lighter weight makes this door ideal for installation in existing residential homes and also areas that are difficult to get heavier doors into. While this is a lighter door it can still have a great look as the pictures below show. This door is designed to provide protection from an average burglar and will also protect your family in the event of someone entering your home. The door is also a great way to keep dangerous and valuable items away from children.

Vault Door flange light

This photo shows brackets on this light vault door.

Vault Door light

This photo shows more brackets on this light vault door.

2 inch Vault Door Thickness

This photo shows 3/16th" door skin on the light vault door.

Light Door Vault Door

Standard Vault Door | Rough Opening: 80" x 40" (custom sizes available)

Our Standard Door is the perfect door for a wood framed vault room. It is a heavier door providing more protection than our Light Vault Door but is still a relatively low cost vault door option that looks awesome and has some great features including a full 6 inch channel iron frame and a 1/4 inch solid steel door skin. This door provides security against more adept criminals and also provides you great protection in your home against intruders.

unnamed (17).jpg
Vault Door inside swing

This standard Vault door shows an inside swing in textured green.

Vault Door Side Handle

This shows a 1/4" thick Vault door skin, 2 1/4" overall.


This Vault Door is in textured green and shows the stainless steel plungers digital lock and 5 spoke handle with pin stripes.


Standard vault door with custom pin striping


Heavy Vault Door | Rough Opening: 82" x 44" (custom sizes available)

Our Heavy Door is a great looking door that is designed for concrete rooms but can also be used in wood applications as well. This door comes with a heavy 3/8 door plate and an 8” iron frame that is great for using on concrete and block walls. This door is 200 pounds heavier than our Standard Door and it simply provides more steel between criminals and your most prized possessions.


Heavy Vault Door with black paint and silver hardware and pinstripes on a 8" cement black wall.


Inside vault room. Heavy Vault Door attached to a 10" concrete wall.


Z brackets, in-swing left hand hinge, painted Textured Black


This Vault door shows plunger covers with a personalized name.


This Vault door shows the inside handle with the cover plates in textured green.


Heavy Vault Door - inside swing


Heavy Vault door in stainless steel laminate


This heavy vault door in a textured black paint with a full inside flange show how a cement block wall would work well.


Heavy Vault Door Stainless Steel Laminate with Chrome lock and 5 Spoke Handle.


Heavy Vault Door painted white installed.


Magnum Vault Door | Rough Opening: 82" x 44" (custom sizes available)

When you are looking for the toughest door in the industry, you want to step up to our Magnum line of doors. Not only are these doors the toughest around but they are also some of the best looking doors around. Our Magnum Doors all come with a full formed channel iron frames which adds to the look and strength of this door line.

unnamed (15).jpg
unnamed (14).jpg

Magnum Vault door painted blue


This heavy vault door in a textured black paint with a full inside flange show how a cement block wall would work well.


This shows the 1/2" thick 3 1/2" overall thickness on this Vault Door


Nice Custom Pair of Vault Doors


Magnum Vault Door painted black installed.


Stainless Steel Magnum Vault Door


Magnum Extreme Vault Door | Rough Opening: 82" x 44"  (custom sizes available)

Our Magnum Extreme Door is both EXTREMELY COOL LOOKING and BULLET PROOF. Our Magnum Doors are the toughest in the industry and the Magnum Extreme just raised the bar by adding a one inch thick steel door plate that is bullet proof. When you are looking for extreme looks and extreme protection for your family the Magnum Extreme Vault Door is as good as it gets.

unnamed (11).jpg
Custom Vault Door

Bookcase with Stainless Steel Laminate vault door


Custom Magnum Extreme with full inside flange painted burgundy.


Custom Door with Timer


Stainless Steel & Manganese Laminated


This Vault Door is my Magnum Extreme with Stainless Steel Laminate With a full inside flange.


Magnum Extreme Deluxe Vault Door | Rough Opening: 82" x 44" (custom sizes available)

Deluxe is the keyword! The frame is thicker! It has 12 stainless steel plungers and comes with an extra hidden bypass lock built in so you can still get in if your deluxe lock is damaged. It has all the extras features built in to keep all the bad guys out. It also has an expedited build time to get you protected quicker. Very few people on the planet could break into this unbelievable looking door. This door offers the best security that money can buy in an amazing package.

Inswing Deluxe in a  Gloss Green

Inswing Deluxe in a Gloss Green

One inch thick solid steel door

One inch thick solid steel door

Magnum Extreme Deluxe

Magnum Extreme Deluxe

Stainless Steel Deluxe | Rough Opening: 82" x 44" (custom sizes available)

The Stainless Steel Deluxe offers unparalleled security in what is possibly the most attractive vault door on the market. This door sets itself apart with a 1-1/4” thick SOLID stainless steel door plate and is paired with a stainless steel frame also. This door weighs 3,000 lbs and has a crane hinge that gives the door an awesome look while also allowing the door to open farther allowing for larger items into the room. This is the most advanced security product we offer.

unnamed (10).jpg
unnamed (9).jpg

Steam Punk Vault Doors

When you are looking for that unique look our Steam Punk doors are the way to go. These doors are amongst the coolest doors in the industry and some of the most requested. These doors can be customized to put your own spin on a classic industrial look. Our Steam Punk finish can be done on any of our doors.

unnamed (16).jpg
Steam Punk #14 add.jpg
steampunk-finish 3.png

Custom Vault Doors

We are always up for new and interesting challenges like you see in these pictures, but we can also customize any of our vault doors to fit your rough opening as well, so please send us your dimensions and the door you want and we will get a quote sent over to you.

Custom Vault Door

Custom Vault Door

Custom Vault Door

Custom Vault Door

Custom Vault Door

Custom Vault Door

Custom Escape Hatches

We also build custom escape hatches so if you need an escape hatch that is outside of our standard 24 x 24 size please let us know and we will get it designed and built to meet your specifications. Standard Escape Hatch Rough Opening (29.5” X 29.5” RO)




Double Door Vault being brought in.


Installed - In-swing, so a wooden door will be on outside.


Installing the threshold.


Lining up the full inside flange.


Bolting on one of the inside panels.


The fished product from the outside.

  • "Last year I purchased a vault door from you. When the door arrived, it fit very well. The installation took less than two hours and has worked great since. You have a great product and great service and support, thank you!"
  • - Derek S.
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