GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Doors: Engineered Security

Unmatched Security with Advanced Features

GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Doors are designed to protect against unauthorized access with a suite of advanced features. These doors are engineered with an interlocking door and frame design that incorporates three active locking bolts and three passive hinge studs for enhanced security. This robust construction ensures that each door forms an impenetrable barrier against potential breaches.

Designed to conform to Federal Specification AA-D-600D. These doors, available in single or double door configurations, are designed to provide extensive protection suitable for various installation needs. Equipped with advanced locking systems like the Kaba-Mas electro-mechanical locks, these doors meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740, ensuring top-tier security for both classified and non-classified materials.

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Class 5 Vault Door

For Added Functionality

GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Doors offer optional optical devices that allow for secure viewing from the interior to the exterior of the vault, enhancing situational awareness without compromising security. Each door is also equipped with an emergency escape feature on the interior, ensuring that anyone accidentally locked inside can safely exit. The safety of the individuals using these doors is paramount.

These top-rated features boast a formidable defense, including 20 man-hours resistance against surreptitious and manipulative entries, 30 man-minutes against covert entries, and 10 man-minutes against forced entries, alongside radiological attack resistance.

Ease of installation and adaptability are key aspects of these vault doors. They arrive pre-hung in their frames, with heavy-duty clamp-on back frames included for a streamlined installation process. The main frames feature pre-installed jack bolts, simplifying the adjustment during installation to ensure a perfect fit. Back frames are customizable to accommodate various wall thicknesses and can be tailored to include a full range of optional Day Gates and Day Doors, meeting the specific requirements of any project.

Finished with a government-approved gray coating in accordance with Federal Specification AA-D-600D, these doors are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and compliant with federal standards. Designed for interior installations, they are suitable for environments where a UL fire rating is not required, broadening their applicability across various secure settings.

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Class 6, 4 Drawer Legal Size Multi-Lock

Ensuring Maximum Security Across Markets

GSA Class 5 Vault Doors are designed to serve a wide range of markets due to their high security features, ensuring protection against unauthorized entry and safeguarding valuable assets. Primarily, these doors are utilized in sectors that demand the highest level of security, such as government agencies, military installations and law enforcement departments. The versatility of these doors also extends to their application in protecting classified and non-classified materials, making them suitable for various secure environments.

There are two main types of Class 5 vault doors available. The Class 5-V Vault Door and the Class 5-A Armory Door. These doors are engineered for different types of applications which are explained in more detail below.

The Class 5-V Vault Door is engineered for storing both classified and non-classified materials, offering substantial protection against surreptitious, covert, and forced entries. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where the protection of sensitive information is paramount, such as government facilities or research institutions​​.

The Class 5-A Armory Vault Door is specifically designed for storing non-classified materials such as weapons, narcotics, evidence, money, and other valuables. This type of door provides robust security features tailored to armories, evidence rooms, and high-value storage areas within law enforcement agencies or security firms​​.

Additionally, these vault doors are approved for use by federal agencies and are available in various configurations to meet the specific requirements of different applications, including optional features like optical devices for viewing and Day Gates for restricted access during operational hours

Recently with the legalization of Marijuana at the State level, GSA Class 5 Vault Doors are incorporated into the security solutions to fit the unique needs of cannabis facilities, including growing and harvest facilities, and dispensaries. This aligns with the broader trend of implementing comprehensive security measures in the cannabis (marijuana) industry to safeguard against both external threats and internal vulnerabilities, thereby supporting the industry's sustainable growth and regulatory compliance​. The integration of such high-security doors into the infrastructure of cannabis facilities underscores the industry's commitment to compliance, safety, and the prevention of unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

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Securing Assets: GSA-Approved Storage Solutions for Classified Documents and Weapons

GSA-approved storage devices such as weapons safes, rifle carts, and filing cabinets are essential for ensuring the secure storage of various items ranging from classified documents to weapons. These security containers are designed to meet federal specifications and standards, providing robust protection against unauthorized access. For instance, the GSA-approved weapons safes are built to safeguard small arms, ammunition, and explosives, adhering to Federal Specification AA-C-2859, ensuring a high level of security for military and law enforcement agencies​​.

Rifle carts, another crucial component of weapons storage, are designed to hold multiple rifles securely, with configurations available for different types of firearms including M16s, M1/M14s, and M4s. These carts are compatible with Class 5 cabinets, providing a secure and organized solution for storing rifles, with added features such as ammo trays for additional storage needs​​.

Filing cabinets, on the other hand, offer a secure way to store classified documents and materials, ensuring that sensitive information is protected against covert, surreptitious, and forced entries. These cabinets are available in various configurations, including multiple drawers, to accommodate legal and letter-sized documents, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in government and military settings​​.


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