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How do I decide which vault door is right for me?

The type of vault door that is right for you depends on your needs. We have smaller vault doors that you can install yourself that offer protection, but not maximum security. Our Titan light and Titan vault doors are great for basic protection. What door is right really depends on the value of what you are storing in your vault room. The more valuable the objects in the vault room, the higher security vault door and vault room you would want to have. If you have a vault room that is primarily going to be a storm shelter then our Titan vault door or Heavy vault door should work well. If you are storing objects that criminals will go to extreme measures to get then you need a more extreme vault door like our ELITE VAULT DOOR.

How fire protective are Smith Safes?

Our safes and vault doors offer different degrees of fire protection. A basic safe or vault door will offer some protection from heat and smoke. We have different options like fire seal and insulation that will keep your valuables very well protected from extreme heat and smoke. We can make our safes and vault doors completely air tight to be completely protected from smoke. We have photographic evidence of how well our safes hold up to house fires. The outside of the safe will have damaged to the paint, but objects on the inside will be well protected. Call me to discuss our different levels of fire protection to determine which of our options will best suite your needs.

What locations do you do installations?

We offer installations across the continental USA. We have a seasoned professional installer who will deliver the vault door to your home and complete the installation from start to finish. This does have a fee based on the delivery distance. There are options like the easy install vault door that is extremely easy to install yourself. This vault door still offers the same high level of protection from the elements and criminals, but it is much easier to install compared to the standard vault doors. It is important to note that attempting to handle these very heavy vault doors can be very dangerous. We suggest that you let us professionally install our vault doors, especially when you are considering the MAGNUM VAULT DOOR, or EXTREME VAULT DOOR, or the ELITE VAULT DOOR.

What Single Feature Makes a Vault Door the Most Secure?

The Door Skin. The door skin is unquestionably the most important part of your vault door. While many vault doors look alike, they are not all created equal and it is sometimes very difficult to discern the differences without reading the fine print. There are a number of companies that try to hide their door skin deficiencies with a lot of locking pins to make their vault doors appear strong, but ultimately the strength of the vault door is derived from the door skin. At Smith Security Safes we use solid steel door skins in various different thicknesses to help you achieve the security level you need out of your vault door. We also make vault doors from several different kinds of steel, including Stainless Steel and AR500 Armor Plate.

What Is A Safe Room:

A safe room is a room, usually made of thick concrete, that is used to protect valuable assets or to seek protection from a home invasion or dangerous natural occurrence like a hurricane or tornado. These safe rooms usually have a safe door / vault door securely attached to the concrete walls that are nearly impenetrable to criminals and mother nature. Learn More

What size should I frame the rough opening?

  • STOCK - Heavy, Magnum or Extreme Vault Doors = 82” x 44"
  • STOCK - Titan Vault Door = 80” x 40”
  • STOCK - Titan Light Vault Door = 70 ¾” x 35 ¼"
  • CUSTOM – Yes, we do custom sizes, call or email us your custom size and we will help you design the door that will work for your unique space.

What happens when your door is complete and ready to ship?

When your door is complete we will call or email you to determine how you will be receiving the door. If we are shipping your door we will work directly with you to get you all the shipping paperwork and tracking information before your door arrives. If you are picking your door up at our facility or hiring your own carrier please make sure to coordinate those details and set up an appointment for pick up. If your having your door installed in most cases the installer will bring the door out with them and we can help coordinate installation dates and times.

What should I do when the vault door is delivered?

Check for any damage and if there is, mark damaged on the freight bill. NOTE: A. The door will not function properly laying down. B. Do not force handle.

How do I install my new vault door?

Moving the door is the hard part if you need any ideas please call me. We offer nationwide installation to save your back. You will need to stand up the door to remove the full inside flange or brackets and carry them inside the room. Once the door is in place just finger tighten all of the bolts, you may need to use a punch to line the holes up with the full inside flange, if you have the brackets they will be marked with dots to which corner they go to.

Next, pull the top lynch pin that is behind the top inside panel this will unhook your lock to make it easier to fit the door. Do Not Over Tighten The Bolts !

Keep running the plungers in and out as you tighten the bolts and once the plungers start to not fit in the holes stop tightening the bolts or you may have to back them off. If the door does not lay flat against the door stop you may have to tweak the door, this is done by placing a block of wood at the bottom of the frame and then gently slam the door on to the wood and this will move the top into place, if the bottom in hanging out just put the wood at the top.

My door has a digital lock with a battery, when do I change the battery?

Always have the door opened when you change the battery. Lightly bump the keypad up a half an inch to be lifted off the shoulder bolts. The battery will last 3-7 years and always use an Energizer battery.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order with Smith Security Safes is easy. To place an order you can either call our office at 1-800-521-0335 or we can put your order together and get your deposit all through email if that is easier for you. To get an order going we will need a deposit of $2000. You also have the option to pay in full if you want to receive a discount on your order.