Vault Doors For Homes

Protection You Can Trust

Are you looking to order a vault door for your house? I have great news! Smith Security Safes provides the top of the line vault doors and safe doors for homes.

We have light vault doors that you can attach right to your standard door frame that can provide any room in your house a massive increase in security. Although, our vault doors are usually secured to a concrete room known to most as a vault room or safe room.

  • Open Custom Copper Steampunk Vault Door
  • Black Small Steampunk Safe Door with custom engraving
  • Gloss Blue Inswing Vault Door Silver Pinstripe and custom text on the outside of the door.
  • Uninstalled Slanted Custom Vault Door inside the Smith Security Safes warehouse
  • A woman in a flannel shirt presenting an open Deer Antler Steampunk Vault Door
  • Custom Steampunk Vault Door with Top and Bottom Cutouts
Vault door with vintage steampunk finish 1

Custom Vault Door Finishes

A safe door for your home will protect your loved ones from a home invasion or even Mother Nature’s tremendous fury. If you are in the market for a vault or safe door for your home, then please give us a call and we will help you secure your valued property and cherished loved ones.

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Good Reasons For A Vault Door At Your House

Many times over the past years our major cities have faced rioting and looting due to various causes of civil unrest. It is not widely televised, but it has happened and is happening.

There has never been a better time to invest in a safe door for your house. The government response to COVID-19 has destroyed many people’s livelihood and there is a great level of desperation not seen since the 1930’s. A vault door for your home is an easy way to defend your home and family.

A safe door for your home is a firewall against those who have no respect for property rights. We at Smith Security Safes take great pride in helping you make sure that your property continues to be undamaged and well protected. This madness may not be ending anytime soon, and it may continue to escalate. So it would be wise to consider a vault door for your home now before this insanity reaches your street.

My good friend is a police officer and informed me that robberies are even up in the rural areas which is a sign of desperation. Places typically thought of as safe may be in play for crime.