Elite Vault Door

About The Elite Vault Door

The Elite vault door builds on the strength of the Extreme vault door. With 4 additional 1-½” locking plungers and the option to upgrade to a 1-¼” stainless steel plate with stainless steel frame, the Elite is by far our most secure vault door. All Elite vault doors come with our Premium options package, a Biometric fingerprint keypad, and an expedited build time. The outswing version of the Stainless Steel Elite comes with a crane hinge.

Why choose the Elite Vault Door?

  • 50% more locking plungers then the Extreme vault door with the option to increase door skin thickness by 25%

  • Top level security is very important

  • Expedited build time is important (non-custom only)
  • Torching and cutting protection is very important

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This vault door is called Elite for a reason. We take the security of the Extreme vault door and add more steel. The 12 stainless steel 1 ½” diameter plungers make the door 50% stronger than the Extreme vault door. The Elite includes all the safety and security upgrades we offer in one package - and an expedited build time too!. We prioritize this door over others, so you can get your vault door sooner. The expedited build time is included with the Elite vault door. This is the top end of vault door security - built for those who demand the best!

Price: $9,595


  • 1” Thick solid steel door

  • 14 ga stainless steel layer for torch protection (except steampunks)

  • 3/8” Thick formed channel frame

  • 12x 1 ½” stainless steel plungers

  • Black paint with upgrade options

  • Inside handle

  • Strong Hold clamping flange system

  • Full inside flange

  • Inside flange drilled and 3" heavy concrete anchors included

  • Ceramic fiber

  • Thermal relocker

  • Link Shield

  • Full bypass system including bypass lock and handle

  • 5 Spoke handle

  • Biometric fingerprint scan digital keypad and lock

  • Pinstripes, if wanted

  • Expedited build time - ask for a quote to know the most up to date build time


"I've been wanting to let you know how extremely happy we are with the vault door! We just love it! My sister and brother-in-law will be contacting you shortly about a vault door as well. Thanks again for a GREAT door!"

- Connie

"Good afternoon. I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful safe you guys make. I couldn't be happier. A friend of mine is looking for one and I gave him your name. Also, Mike the installer was excellent. Two thumbs up!"

- Steve