Magnum Extreme Vault Door

About The Extreme Vault Door

The Extreme vault door has the features of the Magnum series with significantly more steel. The door skin is a beefy 1” plate and the frame steps up to 3/8” thick steel. The simple way to make your safe room more secure – add more steel.

Why choose the Extreme vault door?

  • 4x stronger than the Magnum series and 2x thicker door plate
  • Security concern is High
  • Weight is not an issue
  • Fire protection is important – 1” steel holds up to fire much better than 1/2” steel

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The Extreme door comes with a ONE INCH THICK steel door plate. More steel means a bigger challenge to anyone who tries to get through. The jump from ½” steel to 1” steel is an EXTREME jump in security and adds 410 lbs to the door skin alone!

Rough Opening Needs To Be 82” x 44”

This vault door is mounted on frame made of ⅜” thick formed channel steel, made to fit an 8” or 10” wall. The door skin is 1” of solid steel, giving an overall door thickness of 4”. The door weighs around 1600 pounds and comes with 8 locking plungers made of 1 ½” diameter stainless steel.

The Extreme vault door shows people you are serious about security. The 1” solid steel door skin is difficult to cut with a torch or cutting wheel. Want the next step up in security? We can add a Stainless Steel laminate to stop any cutting with a torch. Once the door is painted, no one will know it's Stainless Steel slowing any attempt to cut.

  • Base Price: $6,650 (Base Price Includes - Door, Frame, Stronghold Clamping Flange System, Textured Paint, Standard Digital or Spyproof Mechanical lock, 5 spoke chrome handle, inside release and panic room features, and the thermal relocker)

  • Delivery: Worldwide

  • Installation: Nationwide

The Extreme Vault Door

The Extreme vault door comes with a 1” solid steel plate with an overall thickness of 4”. It comes with a ⅜” thick formed channel frame that fits an 8” or 10" wall. Have different wall thickness? Let us know and we can make a custom frame to match your wall.

This vault door weighs around 1,600 lbs and has 8 plungers that are 1 ½” diameter stainless steel. This door needs a rough opening of 82" x 44”. Have a custom rough opening? Give us the measurements and we can build the door to fit whatever you need. For strength and stability it’s best to mount the door directly to the concrete walls with all wood removed.

The Magnum Vault Door vs The Extreme Vault Door:

  • The Extreme vault door has a 1” solid steel door plate compared to the Magnum with a ½” door plate - 2x the steel!

  • The Extreme vault door has a ⅜” thick frame, a 50% increase in thickness and strength over the Magnum’s ¼” thick frame

We also offer worldwide delivery and nationwide installation. Read more about our professional installation.

If you are looking for a vault door that will keep your family and most valued property extremely secure the Extreme door is for you. This door offers many options and upgrades to increase security even more. Some upgrades include a hard plate to protect the locking mechanism from a drill attack, and a stainless steel layer that prevents torching. The panic room feature allows you to lock yourself in the vault room and disengages the outside handle to give an extra level of security. This vault door will turn your vault room into a fortress. You can have peace of mind that the things you care about most in this world are safe from harm.

If you are looking for a vault door that offers more security than the Titan Vault Door, Heavy Vault Door, and Magnum Vault Door then this is the one for you. You may be looking for even more security. Want a door that stands out from the rest? The Elite series door is what you’re looking for! Check out the Elite Vault Door and Stainless Steel Elite Vault Door which are the most secure doors Smith Security offers.


"I've been wanting to let you know how extremely happy we are with the vault door! We just love it! My sister and brother-in-law will be contacting you shortly about a vault door as well. Thanks again for a GREAT door!"

- Connie

"Good afternoon. I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful safe you guys make. I couldn't be happier. A friend of mine is looking for one and I gave him your name. Also, Mike the installer was excellent. Two thumbs up!"

- Steve