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I have been building vault doors for many years. All of the vault doors I built had to be installed so I am familiar with many different vault door installation situations. I offer professional installation that you will definitely want to consider because installing a vault door is no easy task. It takes a lot of strength and finesse to manhandle these vault doors into place. It helps having done it so many times because the learning curve is steep and there can be deadly consequences if you lose control of the vault door.

Smith Security Safes are experienced professionals with the knowledge on how to handle each movement of the door. From unloading the vault door off the truck to securing it into place. There is a lot that can go wrong. We offer high gloss paint that is very durable, but since these doors are so heavy letting it hit anything will mess up the paint. Our professional installation service will complete the job from start to finish while protecting your vault door and not hitting doorways and walls along the way.

Give me a call and I can give you some more information and evaluate your situation to help you determine if you want to install the vault door yourself or if you would like it installed by a professional installer please let me know and I will find the closest installer in your area.

Or fill our online quote form and check that you are interested in our professional installation service.

Vault Door Installation

Example of a Recent Installation - Nationwide Installation Available

Vault Door Installation
Vault Door Installation

The Double Door Vault Door (DDVD) can be made in any thickness desired. It dismantles for easy to carry pieces. This photo shows one side section.


Carrying the Double Door Vault down the stairs

Vault Door Installation Smith's Security Safe

One section is up, the second is ready to install.

Vault Door Installation Smith's Security Safe

Lining up the full inside flange.

Vault Door Installation Smith's Security Safe

Putting the top section into place.

Vault Door Installation Smith's Security Safe

Lining up the full inside flange.

Vault Door Installation Smith's Security Safe

Bolting on one of the inside panels.

A man checking the installation of custom double vault doors inside a home.

Finishing up the 5 spoke handle.

Double Vault Door Installation Smith's Security Safe

The finished product, on the inside of the secured area. The footplate at the bottom of the left hand door allows the door to unlock from the inside.


The fished product from the outside.

DIY Vault Door Installation

If you do determine that you want to install the vault door yourself then the following information will help you. Again, give me a call if you want more information.

The first thing you need to know is that moving the door is the hard. Depending on what options you choose, you will need to remove the full inside flange or brackets from the door. The door must be stood up in order to remove the brackets or inside flange then carry them inside the vault room. Once you have the door in place just finger tighten all of the bolts, you may need to use a punch to line the holes up with the full inside flange, if you have the brackets they will be marked with dots to which corner they go to. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Do Not Over Tighten The Bolts!

Next, pull the top lynch pin. This is located behind the top inside panel. This action will unhook the lock and will make it much easier to fit the door.

Just continue running the plungers in and out as you finish tightening the bolts Once the plungers begin to not fit in the holes you should stop tightening the bolts. If you tighten too much then you may have to back them off a bit. If the vault door does not lay completely flat against the door stop then you may have to tweak the door. Tweaking the vault door is done by placing a block of wood at the bottom of the frame then gently closing the door on the wood which will move the top into place. If the bottom is sticking out a bit then just put the wood at the top and gently close the door on the wood.

Full Inside Flange

The full inside flange is the preferred product by many of our customers. This design provides an appealing appearance, more security, and it can protect against fire.