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Vault Rooms are a very good tool to have as a last resort shelter in order to keep your family safe. A secured vault room is most often used as a sanctuary for your most valued property.

Most vault rooms are made of thick concrete walls with a very secure vault door. You want your vault room to be extremely sturdy and well-designed in order to protect you from storms, theft, fire, or washing the dishes. Many people build a vault room as a last resort against tornadoes or hurricanes.

Vault rooms can be equipped with a vault door that is beautiful stainless steel, or painted with a high gloss paint job. Vault doors can also be very basic unpainted metal to save money. Some people do not want their vault room to be obviously visible so they camouflage the door by adding fake walls that the untrained eye would never notice.

There are many things you must consider when setting up a secured vault room. Vault rooms are the shelter of last resort and may need to be occupied by your family for an extended period of time. If someone breaks in and you need to flee into the vault room then you will need to have plenty of food and water. You will need a hardwired phone line so you can call the police in a scenario where you cannot grab your cell phone before seeking shelter in the vault room. A first aid kit that is equipped with all basic first aid items is good to have. Be sure to include any medications that you or family members need on a daily basis.

The concrete walls are nearly impossible to break through so the vault door could be the weak point if not properly equipped. We offer many types of vault doors for all different levels of security. The different types of locks we offer include biometric locks that can help you get into the vault room quickly and without a key. We offer many options that can make it almost impossible to cut into the vault door. These security upgrades offer your family and valuable property an extreme level of protection. Please feel free to call us to discuss how Smith Security Safes can provide you with a vault door that will best suit your needs.


  • "I’m very satisfied with the craftsmanship of the door. Last year I purchased a vault door from you. When the door arrived, it fit very well. The installation took less than two hours and has worked great since. You have a great product and great service and support, thank you!"
  • - Derek S.
Installed Safe Door
Installed Vault Door for a Safe Room

Smith Security Safes designs custom walk-through vault doors to disguise vault rooms.


Stainless Steel Laminate on a Black frame with Gold Lock and a 5 spoke USA handle.

SS door#2.JPG

Here is a hidden vault door in a rustic siting with a unique way to conceal it.


Main Vault Room Benefits: The convenience of an office with the security of a concrete vault room. Vault Rooms can be used as a storm shelter and a shelter against intruders. Vault rooms are designed to meet your needs and specifications.


A vault room can be designed to meet your specifications, in fact we will send a representative from our factory to design and construct your vault room. Just call, we want you to feel comfortable making your purchase with us.

SS Door Concealed Vault Room

Why do I need a vault room?

Most people have a few concerns that need to be addressed before they can feel secure. Food, water, and shelter are the three big ones that need to be secured before people can feel at peace.

There have always been two groups of people, the makers and the takers. Makers are people who work hard for what they have and respect another people’s property. The takers are people who do not respect property rights and only want to advance themselves.

In the old days, kings were the only ones with any real wealth worth protecting, but now anyone can accumulate wealth. These days, we can all have our own metaphorical castle walls, and better yet, our walls can be hidden so the takers don’t have an indicator that there is anything to steal. Many of us have accumulated wealth or valuable assets that others envy and want for themselves. A vault room is one of the best ways for a person to virtually guarantee that their property cannot be taken by anyone. Thick concrete walls paired with a steel vault door created based on your requirements are what I recommend if you need to keep your most valuable property just that: your property.

Vault doors and vault rooms are a great way to have high security in your own home. Anyone can create a shelter of last resort for their loved ones or their own personal vault. Even if you live in a safe area with a relatively low crime rate, a vault room can provide that extra peace of mind. Vault rooms can be regulated for humidity and temperature easily to preserve your antiques or other degradable items in good condition.

Maybe you already have a safe or multiple safes, but want to consolidate your property into one ultra secure place. A vault room with a secure vault door could be a great option for you. Its always a good idea to plan ahead. A secure safe room can provide the safe area needed to store guns, cash, gold, collectibles, and survival supplies.

Vault Room
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