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Secure Your Assets: Premium Office and Precious Metal Safes

Fortify Your Valuables with Unmatched Security

In today's uncertain times, securing your valuable assets has never been more crucial. Smith Security Safes presents a line of state-of-the-art Office and Precious Metal Safes designed to offer unparalleled protection for your invaluable assets. Whether it's sensitive documents, cash reserves, or precious metals like gold, silver and jewelry, our safes provide the ultimate barrier against theft, fire, and unauthorized access. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and robust materials, our safes ensure that your valuables are stored under the highest security standards, giving you peace of mind in the integrity of your asset protection.

Beyond mere security, our Office and Precious Metal Safes are engineered with sophistication and accessibility in mind. Featuring advanced locking mechanisms, including biometric and electronic options, they offer ease of access to authorized users while steadfastly denying entry to intruders. Each model is rigorously tested to meet and exceed industry benchmarks for security and durability, ensuring that your investments are safeguarded under all conditions. With Smith Security Safes, experience the blend of premium security, innovative features, and sleek design, making them a seamless addition to any office environment or secure storage space.

Security Safe

Precious Metal Safe

  • • Cubic Feet: 12.5
  • • Dimensions: 30” tall x 30” wide x 24” deep
  • • ¼” plate body with a ½” Steel Plate Door
  • • 1 ½” Diameter, Stainless Steel Locking Pins
  • • 2 Hour Fire Rated @ 2000 Degrees
  • • Built in Hidden Compartment
  • • Painted a Hardy Textured Black
  • • Lined With Carpet
  • • 2 Carpeted Shelves
  • • Shipping Weight: 540 lbs
  • • $1995

Office Pistol / Handgun Safe

  • • Cubic Feet: 7.5
  • • Dimensions: 30" tall x 24" wide x 18" deep
  • • Body Thickness: 3/16" x 1/4" x 3/8"
  • • Shipping Weight: 185lbs - 275lbs


Custom Office Safe

  • • Cubic Feet: 13
  • • Dimensions: 40" tall x 28" wide x 20" deep
  • • 1/4" thick body with a 3/8" door skin lined with Ceramic fiber
  • • Expandable fire seal giving it a 4 hour fire rating.
Security Safe