Safe Rooms

What Is A Safe Room:

A safe room is a room, usually made of thick concrete, that is used to protect valuable assets or to seek protection from a home invasion or dangerous natural occurrence like a hurricane or tornado. These safe rooms usually have a safe door / vault door securely attached to the concrete walls that are nearly impenetrable to criminals and mother nature.

What Is A Safe Door:

Safe doors are vault doors for a closed movable container. The term vault doors in generally used to describe an extremely secure door attached to a room of a building. Safe vaults are basically a large safe built into the structure of a building, and the vault door or safe door is securely fastened to the structure. Depending on the level of security required, safe doors can be made with different options. We have a substantial spectrum of safe doors from a bare bones thin metal door to a thick robust steel door with internal security measures.

Some people do refer to vault doors as safe room doors. In that case, we do have many safe room doors for sale. We have safe room doors in all sizes and levels of security. We just typically refer to them vault doors on this site.

Where To Build A Safe Room:

Most people build safe room/vault room in the basement. This adds much more protection from natural disasters. Most people go to their basement or crawl space during a bad storm anyway. Having a room comprised of thick concrete, rebar, and a near impenetrable door adds just a tad more protection than crouching in a hallway or bathtub. You may be worried about flooding in the basement. There are many ways to deal with flooding like sump pumps, backup generators, along with building the concrete room to have the door frame start a few inches off the floor so you just must step over the threshold to enter the room.

When To Build A Safe Room:

The best time to build a safe room / vault room is the during the initial construction of your home / building. A room comprised entirely of thick concrete is not exactly a simple DIY addition like hanging a new door or painting a wall. The concrete walls should be formed at the same time your basement is being made.

We do make very secure safe doors that can be mounted similar any other typical door in the existing door frame to make a standard room or even closet into a secured room.

You could even have one of these doors as your front door. Our painted doors are very aesthetically pleasing so this should not be out of the question.

Here at Smith Security Safes, we are experts on security and have been in the game for over three decades. We look forward to speaking with you about your specific situation, wants, and needs to provide you with the security product that will meet your security goals.

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