Which Vault Door is Right for Me?

Ask yourself, how much security do I need to feel is adequate to protect my family and property?

Buying a vault door is an important life decision, and there are a few variables you should consider to make the right choice. The wrong choice may result in danger to your family or loss of valuable property.

There are many additional security options for each vault door. The options are listed on the web page associated with each door. These options are designed to keep even the savviest of criminals away from your loved ones and valued property.

I offer shipping worldwide on all vault doors, and we have a professional installer who can install anywhere in the continental USA.

All of my vault doors come with a limited lifetime warranty for all parts except for the handle, lock and paint.

All vault doors available as painted or unpainted. We offer many pin stripe designs and offer custom pin striping.


Stainless Steel Deluxe Vault Door

The Stainless Steel Deluxe Vault Door is also just as the name suggests. This door offers a 1 1/4” thick Solid Stainless Steel Door plate. The frame is also made of 3/8" stainless steel. This door is completely impervious to the advances of a cutting torch. I offer a crane hinge on this door that looks great and allows for a larger opening to fit larger items in the vault room. It also allows for tighter tolerances in the fit of the frame. There are 12 1 ½” stainless steel plungers that lock down preventing anyone from getting into this formidable vault door. There are a multitude of added security options available to make this door impervious to criminals. This door is 3000 pounds and I offer free shipping within 650 miles of our shop. This is the most secure vault door you are going to find.


Magnum Extreme Deluxe Vault Door

The Magnum Extreme Deluxe Vault Door is just as the name suggests. This door offers a 1” thick solid steel door plate with an 11ga sheet of stainless steel for added protection. The frame is 3/8” thick formed channel iron. There are 12 1 ½” stainless steel plungers that lock down preventing anyone from getting into this beast. The Magnum Extreme Deluxe Vault Door comes standard with a secondary bypass lock, thermal re-locker, ceramic fiber, and deluxe digital lock that hooks up to your security system.


Magnum Extreme Vault Door

The Magnum Extreme Vault Door has a 1” thick solid steel door plate making this door completely bullet proof. The plungers are 1 ½” stainless steel round stock. It has a thicker and stronger frame compared to the magnum vault door. This door weighs in at a massive 1600 pounds. If you want added security we can make the door plate stainless steel which is stronger and cannot be cut into with a cutting torch. Again as you get thicker, the protection from fire continues to get better. It is going to take a tank to get into the Magnum Extreme Vault Door.


Magnum Vault Door

The Magnum Vault Door is my best selling door. It offers extreme security at a very fair price. It offers a ½” door plate and 1 ½” stainless steel plungers and this door is priced to sell. This door is much like the heavy vault door, but every single aspect of this door is more secure and heavy duty. It weighs roughly 1100 pounds (300 pounds more than the heavy vault door), and can be mounted in 8” or 10” channel iron frame. We can make the Magnum Vault Door work with whatever thickness you decide for your vault room walls.


Heavy Vault Door

The Heavy Vault Door is mounted on an 8” channel iron frame. It comes with a 3/8” solid steel door skin, giving it a 2 7/8" overall door thickness. This vault door weighs in at about 800 pounds. It comes with 14 locking pins made from 13/16” round stock. These doors can also be made with more secure larger stainless steel plungers for added security. The Heavy Vault Door pairs very well with a room made of 8” block or poured walls. The heavy vault door is the lightest of my vault doors that I would recommend for a concrete room because the door should always be the strongest part of a room. This vault door can be fire rated as will and offers more fire protection than the standard vault. The doors listed below offer even more security.


Standard Vault Door

The Standard Vault Door is perfect for a wood framed room fortified with ¾” plywood or 14ga. steel. This door has a door plate that is ¼ inch of solid steel and is mounted in a 6" channel iron frame. This vault door is roughly 600 pounds and will be more difficult to install when compared to the light vault door. You may want to consider installing this door during construction. I do offer an easy installation kit if you want to have this installed after building is complete. This door offers far more security than the light vault door and will provide more protection from fire. It can be fire rated offering excellent protection from a fire. This vault door comes with 8 locking pins made from 13/16” round stock and also comes standard with a 5 spoke handle. The Standard Vault Door is usually used in a steel-lined room.


Light Vault Door

The Light Vault Door is perfect for someone who is looking to turn a closet or other small room into a secure vault room. The door plate is 3/16" solid steel which is more than most criminals will be able to penetrate, but it is still light enough to easily maneuver and install by yourself. This door can come unpainted or painted with many paint options along with many pin striping options or customization. The Light Vault Door has many options that can provide added security from even the savviest intruders. This door will not offer as much protection from fire as the larger doors below.


The Dispensary Vault Door

The Dispensary Door is a vault door designed for a new industry of medical and recreational marijuana. Many states require a minimum amount of security that this vault door will provide. The Dispensary Door will also provide much needed security in an industry that operates mostly on cash sales.